Vince and Marguerite Hirsch


We have sold 5 properties in the last 8 years and your service was superb in each of the following steps of the sale:

a. analysis and pricing
b. property pictures, brochures, and presentation to buyers and other realtors
c. communication on showings (17-18)
d. timing and support on the decision to lower the price
e. handling two offers at the same time and buyer evaluations
f. contract negotiation and modification after inspectation
g. maintenance actions and closing support

Your support was excellent with more unusual events than any of the other 5 sales and this sale was the lowest price of all.

Thanks Pat and it was nice to meet your wife, we will not hesitate to recommend you to all our friends and realitives.

You are 1 in 1000,
Vince and Marguerite Hirsch

— Vince and Marguerite Hirsch