Andrea & Rob Walter

You’ll never meet a nicer, more competent real estate agent than Pat Welsh. As first-time homebuyers, we thought we’d done our research about the process, and decided to wait until we had some homes in mind before signing with a Realtor. Wary of a pushy agent, we figured that way we would be in the drivers seat. We happened upon Pat while calling on one of his properties, and we knew from the start he was the kind of agent we were looking for. He never rushed us into anything; while touring homes he was careful to point out everything the bad and the good. When the process got stressful for us, Pat was always the calming, reassuring voice that kept us looking for the perfect home. It was at our lowest point after we decided to walk away from negotiations on a property we thought was the one – that Pat helped us find the right one. After four months in our new house, we couldn’t be more grateful to Pat for guiding us here. We now consider him a good friend, and when it comes time to become the sellers, we’ll know who to call. Regardless of your experience with buying or selling a home, we guarantee Pat will tell you something you didn’t already know, and he’ll be your best representative at the bargaining table.

— Andrea & Rob Walter