If it’s broken, fix it.

If it needs paint, paint it.

If it’s dirty, clean it.

If it smells bad, fix it or get rid of it.

If you can polish it, make it sparkle.

If it’s worn out, replace it.

Mow, rake, trim, sweep. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

No clutter, anywhere.

Uncover cabinet tops. Did I say no clutter?

Empty closets (almost).

Empty garage (almost).

Make the temperature comfortable.

Go away during showings.

Make your home available for all showings.

Make your home surgically clean for all showings.

Make your home smell nice for all showings.

I love pets. Dogs and cats. Want to sell your house? Find a place for them.

Turn on all the lights. Open the blinds. More light is always better.

Nice low, soft music from a radio is a positive.

Make sales information available in an obvious place.